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Friday, July 3, 2015

Rotary indexer sizing calculation for table plate drive application

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In this post we will explain how to calculate the size of rotary indexer, gear & motor for dial plate table application.
Rotary Indexer with Table Plate Driving Application

There are 2 things we need to know for the calculation
  1. Physical properties info.
  2. Movement info.
Physical properties information of movement part is data we need to use for calculate the total moment of inertia of the moving system. It consists of dial plate diameter, thickness, density for calculate mass, the number of stations, station mass, station radius to rotation center, etc.

Movement information is data we need for find the maximum angular acceleration of the moving system. It consists of number of stops, RPM of rotary indexer input shaft, indexing angle, dwell time, type of cam curve, etc.

After we know the value of the total moment of inertia and the maximum angular acceleration of the moving system, we can easily calculate the required torque for driving the system. Then we can select the rotary indexer that match the required torque.

For selection of gear, we can use this required torque at output shaft of indexer to calculate the required torque of input shaft of the indexer by using maximum camshaft torque coefficient, internal indexer inertia torque, camshaft torque from indexer manufacturer data, number of stops and indexing angle. When we know the torque required at indexer camshaft(which is output shaft torque of gear), we can select the gear.

For the motor selection, we have calculate the gear input shaft torque by converting gear output shaft torque with gear ratio. Then use this torque for calculate the motor power required.


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